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USB Charger Security Camera with Audio

USB Charger Security Camera with Audio

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Keep Covert Surveillance Of Your Home!
If you want to monitor and watch closely a certain area when you are not around.. USB Charger Security Camera has the Solution!


USB Charger Security Camera is here to offer you one of the most advanced security camera in the market. A USB charging device for ANY device.. that lets you record 4K videos with Premium Audio. Now, you can monitor your home from anywhere!

All you have to do is plug it into a standard wall outlet with a view of the space you want to keep an eye on and... that's pretty much it. The integrated camera camera will automatically be ready to record audio and video.

1. Download the USB Security Camera App.

2. Go to the  Wi-Fi setting on your mobile, tablet, or computer and connect your camera.

3. Open the USB Security Camer App and click the "PLUS" symbol in the upper right corner.

4. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to your USB Security Camera.

5. Fill in the Wi-Fi password the same way you would do it if you'd have to  connect your phone to a new Wi-Fi Network.

6. That's it! Your USB Security Camer is ready!


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