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Digital Alarm Clock with built-in FM Radio

Digital Alarm Clock with built-in FM Radio

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The Only Alarm Clock You Will Ever Need
Perfect for the home or office. This portable and multifunctional alarm clock will make everyone envy you. This is a must have for every student and working professional.
This multi-functional mini digital alarm clock can also double up as an FM radio.

Helps You Stay In Style

With it's stylish mirrored design, it can also be used a mirror for any last minute checks before you leave your room or the office.

Convenient And Easy To Use
It has an LED screen makes it easily visible while offering a good sound quality.



  • Screen Type: LED

  • Width: 9.5mm

  • Diameter: 1mm

  • Display Type: Digital

  • Weight: 250g

  • Length: 18.3mm

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