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Dual Motorcycle Horn

Dual Motorcycle Horn

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Stay safer on your motorcycle!

There are over one million motorcycle accidents per year worldwide. Your stock motorcycle horn isn't loud enough for most drivers to hear.

Dual Motorcycle Horn IS The Solution!
Prevent accidents with a LOUDER horn!

Motorcyclists represent more than 380,000 annual deaths worldwide. Most of these accidents were caused by collision with a automobile, because the driver was unaware of the motorcyclist.

Your stock motorcycle horn is too quiet to be noticed by automobile drivers.

Dual Motorcycle Horn is up to 3X Louder than your stock horn!
Easy to Install Dual Motorcycle horn that is up to 3 times louder than your stock motorcycle horn:
✅ Works on ALL Motorcycles!
✅ Can be attached to the stock horn bolt, front frame bar, or to any available bolt. You can also separate the horns and install them on each side of your motorcycle.
✅ Comes with ALL the parts necessary for installation, no extra hardware required!
✅ 150,000 honk life cycle that exceeds most aftermarket and factory horns.
✅ Waterproof thermostat.
✅ Temperature resistant.
✅ Does not corrode.
✅ Optimal dimensions, fits perfectly on ALL motorcycles.
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