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Interactive Crawling Crab Toy

Interactive Crawling Crab Toy

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Kids are going crazy over this new toy! Crawling Crab Toy is the all-new interactive smart toy that moves around with in-built music and light. Children will love interacting with the Crawling Crab Toy and it can help toddlers’ development by stimulating coordination and body movement.

MULTI-SENSORY TOY: The Crawling Crab Toy can detect things in front of it through in-built sensors and then automatically avoid obstacles. Children will love the chase of being able to catch their new speedy friend!
ENHANCE CHILD DEVELOPMENT: With the Crawling Crab Toy being able to move around with its in-built sensors, it can also help toddlers develop their body movement. Even toddlers will have fun and love their new toy as well!
LONGER PLAYTIME: 2 hours charging time will last up to 20-30 minutes non-stop use via USB charging. It’s very convenient and easy to charge by laptop, USB charger, computer, and power bank.
KID-FRIENDLY AND SAFE: The toy is made from non-toxic ABS plastic. No sharp edges, small parts, and can withstand bumps. Rest assured that Crawling Crab Toy is 100% safe to use.
EASY TO USE: Activate Crawling Crab Toy with just a simple touch and its LED eyes will light up! The in-built upbeat music, crawl function, and lighting will keep your kids entertained for hours on end!
The Crawling Crab Toy is the perfect little companion to keep your child company at all times! It's an all-new innovative toy with in-built music design, lighting, and motion crawling for the best playful experience. With the Crawling Crab Toy, spark your child’s world with tons of fun and happiness!

Size: 8.7 x 5.1 x 4.1in;
Material: Non-toxic ABS plastic;
Weight: 10.5 ounces;
Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

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