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ProGrip™ - Multifunctional Phone Grip

ProGrip™ - Multifunctional Phone Grip

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Feel Like A Pro. Shoot Like A Pro.
People say the best camera is the one that is always with you - and for most of us that's our phone. Providing that feeling of familiarity and control when holding your camera, ProGrip™ closes the gap between mobile and camera photography.
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✅ Ergonomic Grip
✅ Easy Switch Landscape/ Portrait Mode
✅ Wireless Shutter
✅ Free-standing Dock

Durable & Future-Proof
With its universal clamp system, ProGrip™ can hold any mobile devices with and without case.

Meticulously Selected Materials and Finish
Soft-touch and nonslip rubber coating ensures comfort and security.

Sweat-Proof Material
High-quality rubber grip coating prevents stickiness and wearing overtime.

Fit Each Finger for Secure Hold
The signature ProGrip™ curve is designed to cater to length of each finger, creating a stronger grip.

Size: 152mm x 67mm x 88mm
Battery capacity: 200mAh
Weight: 65g
USB-C In: 5A, DC/5V

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