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The cool, refreshing breeze from OffTopGoods will make you forget it’s summer.
Designed for maximum portability, the Willis Portable Air cooler is a convenient alternative to air conditioners. Its compact design lets you take it wherever you go, whether you’re working at your desk, watching a movie in the living room, or sleeping in the bedroom—no more spending on expensive air conditioners for each room.

Turn hot weather immediately into cold winds

With the usage of it's  powerful fan and the water tank, it can humidify hot weather and turn it into cold winds immediately.

3 Speeds fan enough to cover a complete room

With it's 3 speeds fan, in 60 seconds of operation, you will enjoy all the benefits of an air-conditioned room.

Use both ice cubes and water for maximum results

Feel free to fill the tank with both ice cubes, cold or normal water. with the usage of ice cubes weather can drop to 10.8c°/51.44°F.

Easy to clean

You can easily clean up your air cooler, in 3 simple steps you can be sure that your air cooler is sparkly clean and all the air getting out of it is pure.

More features of Willis Air cooler : 

✅      Large Tank : The water tank is enough for up to 8 hours.
✅     Stylish Design : The gorgeous design features a sleek polished finish with retro grilles, easy controls, and a two-toned shade with golden accents.
✅     Large battery : With one full charge your Air cooler can run up to 6 hours and in case your battery dies you can securely keep it running while charging.
✅     Compact and Portable : Take it with you whenever you want.
✅     Silent : Use in any place and you won't hear it at all.
     Affordable price: Save more than $500 in air conditioning systems for similar results.
✅     Low electricity consumption it uses (on average) 79% LESS electricity than a traditional AC 


How does it work: Just fill the reservoir with water and power it on for an instant cool breeze.

 Package includes :

1 x Willis portable air cooler

1 x USB Type-c charging cable

1 x Wick filter

1 x User manual

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