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Portable Fish Finder

Portable Fish Finder

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The Portable Fish Finder detects and displays water depth, approximate fish location, while also being able display whether it is a weedy, rocky or sandy sea floor beneath you.
Having this information makes catching fish so much easier, and can save you a lot of time!
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✅ 5 modes of sensitivity options to suit the terrain you are fishing;
✅ Fish and fish school alarm so you never miss a bite;
✅ Battery save mode for extended trips;
✅ Backlight mode for low-light or night use.
USAGE: The Portable Fish Finder is extremely versatile and is Ideal for fresh or saltwater use. It can be used off boats, kayaks, piers/jetty or even from the shore.

DEPTH CAPABILITY: The Portable Fish Finder can be used in depths up to 100m. The Sonar detect coverage of 45° using a 200KHZ frequency.

DISPLAY: The Portable Fish Finder uses a 2" LED Display, with LED Backlight making it easy to view in Low-Light or High-Light situations.

POWER: The Portable Fish Finder requires 4 X AAA Batteries (not included). This provides around 5 hours of use.

Display: 2 inch LED / ANTI-UV LCD
Depth capability: 328feet ( 100m )
Operational temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Material: ABS
Weight: 0.606kg / 1,336 lbs

1 x Portable Fish Finder
1 x Float with Transducer Cable
1 x Boat Mount
1 x Neck Strap for hands free use.

How do you use the transducer?
The most common ans easiest way when fishing from boat, kayak or pier, is simply to just throw the transducer
into the water.

For boats and kayaks, a mounting kit is included if you’d prefer this. In this case, the Sonar sensor should be attached to the hull,around 1-2 inches underwater.

When fishing from shore, you can either let it drift out under the float (25 feet) or use a pole.
Is it waterproof?
The transmitter / transducer is waterproof but the receiver handset is not. It is spray proof / water resistant, so is generally fine with sea spray. Try to keep it try to extend the life of the handset.
Can it distinguish between big & small fish?
This portable fish finder does not usually distinguish between big and small fish, however you can choose the size of the smallest fish it will display through the 5 sensitivity
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