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SecShade-Windshield Umbrella

SecShade-Windshield Umbrella

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Never sit in a hot car again

Easily cover your windshield from end to end without wasting your time or nerves setting it up!

SecShade’s thickened fabric blocks out UV and sunlight perfectly, keeping your car fresh and cool throughout the hot summer days, plus it fits every windshield flawlessly.

Best of all, it fits like an umbrella to save space around the interior. You only need to push a button to cover the whole windshield and ensure your car never turns into a sauna!


Sets in a second - In a push of a button, SecShade will cover the windshield from end to end, it’s the easiest sunshade you’ll ever use!

Keep it cool - Keep the interior at optimal temperature even on the hottest of days, you won’t have to drive in a boiling car ever again!

A seamless fit - Guarantee your car won’t turn into a sauna, SecShade fits perfectly to any windshield to ensure no sunlight slips in!


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