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Snake Clog Remover

Snake Clog Remover

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Objects can fall into places where the hand can’t reach at any time, especially when least expected. Unable to retrieve the objects from the drain may lead to wasted time, flooding and expensive plumbing bills. The hassle of dealing with a clogged drain can be an extremely frustrating situation to encounter at any given time.
Snake Clog Remover is an extremely slender grabbing tool that is perfect for picking up small items in narrow spaces. Squeeze the handle to retrieve items from the sink, shower and toilet drains with ease. It’s an essential tool every home should have to save time and money from hiring a plumber.

DIVER CLAW: There is an extremely durable stainless steel grabbing head at one end to rescue goods from the drain. Rather than reaching the phone to call the plumber, reach for Snake Clog Remover to save the day.

FLEXIBLE MOVEMENT: The Snake Clog Remover consists of flexible steel wiring to bend in any direction. This allows for deep dives past the “S” curved pipe in toilet and shower drains to grab the intruding objects.
EASY OPERATION: The spiral spring design is an easy to use squeeze trigger to open up the claw. Simply use one motion to grab hard to reach items by releasing the trigger.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The Snake Clog Remover is capable of diving both in and out of water. Whether it’s to retrieve jewelry down the drain or keys under the couch, it can grab where the hands can't reach.
IMPROVED DESIGN: The 2nd generation includes a loop handle design to protect the fingers from being damaged. Now the Snake Clog Remover is able to safely dive to the very bottom of the drain without fear of injury.
1. Insert Snake Clog Remover into drain outlet;
2. Submerge until an object is located;
3. Squeeze the trigger to open the claw;
4. Release the trigger to grab the object;
5. Repeat 2-3 times depending on the object to capture all of it;
6. Retrieve the lost object with Snake Clog Remover.
Lengths: 60cm / 23in, 90cm / 35in (Sink), 160cm / 63 in (Sewers, Toilets)
Width: 2.4in
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